Practicing Self Care: Holiday Edition 2019 ❄

Its the most wonderful time of the year

The holiday season is among us! For some, it’s the most anticipated time of the year. Family gatherings, company Christmas parties and lots of tasty treats! For others, its a gentle reminder of loved ones no longer with them and it’s a very trying time. Around the holiday season, emotions are at an all-time high. This is a time where we need to be gentle on ourselves and those around us and continue to spread love. Not only to others but ourselves as well. I’ve listed below a few tips for getting through the holiday season and bringing the new year in as a “better you”. Also, as a bonus from me to you, I’ve linked the products I use along with each tip in a description box below where you can directly purchase it enjoy them as well.

During the holiday season, you’ll more than likely be doing these things …

  • socializing more
  • spending more
  • doing more
  • eating more
  • sleeping less

Read Below for Self Care Tips:

  • Candlelight & Music

Nothing smells better and is more relaxing than a candlelit house filled with the sweet aroma of scented candles. Light your favorite holiday candle, turn on some relaxing holiday music and enjoy a peaceful winter night by the fireplace. My absolute favorite holiday scented candle that I use from “Bath and Bodyworks” is linked below so you can get in on the greatness! Thank me later. (Winter Candy Apple is my favorite and is almost ALWAYS sold out as soon as they release it)

  • Morning Routine

Writing out a morning routine and sticking to it every day is extremely important during this time of year as it’s very easy to get distracted with all of the festivities. Having a morning routine helps keep you on track for the day and starts you off on a positive note! I personally, like to wake up early and write out me a todo list in the morning if I don’t do it the night before. I use this super cute journal listed below:

  • Write out a budget and stick to it

This one is extremely important. Overspending during the holiday is not fun at all. Especially since you’re left bringing the new year in with debt and trying to get caught up on bills. Write out a list of who you plan on purchasing gifts for and then write out how much you plan to spend on each person. Stick to the budget!

  • Nap

More than likely, you’re going to be on the go more than usual visiting friends and family. When given the opportunity give your body and brain a chance to recharge and take a nap! Whether it’s 15 mins or an hour, let your body rest and give yourself the much-needed energy to finish enjoying the holiday season.

  • Write/ Journal

As I stated above, the holidays can be a hard time for many people as they no longer have loved ones there to share the festivities like they once had. Also, the pressure during the holidays to spend money can be stressful. With that being said, journaling about them would be a great way to get it off of your mind and on paper. Writing it down gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and continue your day with less stress.

  • Forgive

Remember something mean someone said or something they did to you this year? Forgive them. That doesn’t require you receiving an apology from them. You don’t need one and more than likely you won’t receive one. That’s perfectly okay. Holding onto anger and resentment does nothing but hurt you! Most of the time, they’ve carried on with their life, not even thinking about what they did if they’re even aware of it.

  • Be Grateful

When we make a conscious decision to be grateful for the things we have, we are usually blessed with more! Direct more of your attention towards the things that make your life great and a lot less on the things you don’t have. Being grateful is scientifically proved to make us healthier, more energetic, less stressed and help us get better sleep. Let’s bring the new year in with a bang! 2020 here we come ……

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  1. Jawaun Blossomgame says:

    Very good read. I may have to try that candle as I am a fan of the Bath and Body Works candles. I agree with budgeting during the holiday season. Merry Christmas can quickly become not so merry when the funds are depleted. As for being grateful, I concur. Well said. Thanks for this inspirational vitamin.

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