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Choosing Yourself: 5 Tough Choices That Will Make You Happier

You have to choose between what the world expects from you and what you want for yourself.

-James McBride

Our personal wellbeing needs to be our TOP priority in life and sadly for so many individuals that’s not the case. The demands of our employers take precedence over our health, the happiness of our spouse/partner comes before our own and living up to society’s “standards” seems to be what the vast majority of us humans are trying to accomplish these days. Something I’ve learned in life is that we have to be our own representative in this world. When you find yourself struggling with your own happiness and wondering which direction to turn to next, it may be time for you to sit back and take personal inventory of your life. Below, I’ve listed 5 tough choices that you may have to make in life in order to bring you happiness:

Treat yourself as sacred

If you don’t value yourself how can you really expect anyone else to do the same? Treating yourself as a sacred being is about understanding the value you bring to the world and knowing you are worthy of any and everything you desire. You are one of a kind and you can’t be duplicated. This is something you have to truly believe and live. Respecting yourself essentially shows other how to treat you as well and sets the tone for what you will and won’t allow in your life.


Awareness means being present and focused on the very moment. Being aware of yourself means knowing how you feel at the present moment and the reason why you feel that way. Your thoughts are extremely important because they dictate your actions and your actions dictate your outcome in life. There are a few ways to learn how be more aware of yourself and they include meditation and journaling. Keep track of your thoughts in a journal. By becoming aware you are choosing yourself and getting to know your desires on a deeper level.

Learn to trust in yourself

Trust that your instincts are right. They are there for a reason and not by chance. So many times I hear people say, ” I knew I should’ve went with how I felt”. Taking that risk and potentially learning a lesson is by far much better than living with regret. There’s a question that I read in a very good book when I was making a life changing decision for myself and that was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”. Learn to trust that your decisions in life are better for you than what other people “think”.

“Never take advice from someone is isn’t affected by the outcome” – something to think about

Evaluate your mental and emotional health

Your mental and emotional health are two very powerful aspects of your life you should always protect at any cost! Both of these are directly correlated to your overall happiness and wellbeing. If you aren’t well mentally/emotionally it’s definitely going to show in your overall performance whether it be at work or just in your everyday relationships. Doing regular check-ins with yourself is an excellent way to see how you are doing. Keeping a journal (as I always talk about) is absolutely necessary for check-ins. Write down your feelings and certain events that led you to have those feelings!

Align your behaviors with your goals and values in life

This one by far is one of the most absolute important factors to your overall happiness and choosing yourself. One example of aligning your behavior with your goals and values in life is not staying at a job that drains you mentally and emotionally when your number one goal in life is to find “happiness”…. (happiness looks different to everyone). By staying at a job that drains your soul you are only doing yourself a disservice which will inherently cause you more pain and grief. Every action you take should be aligned with who you are and where you want to be in life. This is choosing yourself first.

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